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So,Yay for finals being done! Last night was enjoyable haha, Market day with Papa Bear (Kay-tay) and Kayla and then we went out to cottage inn with Mrs.Marsh. Then the Film festival... okay that Beowulf one was SO FUNNY, and then kayla and I rented Sorority House Massacre! Wonderful Wonderful movie, watch it. DO IT. Haha I don't know, I just enjoyed the company last night.. singing the Pina Colada song and dancing outside.

This morning I was at school by 6:50!!! 6:50 I tell you. To make FRUIT SALAD for the teacher appreciation breakfast. Oranges are a bitch to peel.

So for the less joyous part of my day.... I talked to my therapist person and pretty much my life is pretty good, school, work, working out, friends, family ect. Yeah, theres something missing. I know this may seem dumb but Im not over Josh. It's been like 5 months but I just kept running away from it and not dealing with it. as robin said, Im in "limbo" land. She thinks for me to get over him I need to talk to him. I know, talk to him. Tell him how i feel, and that I want to end on a more civil note and if possible be friends. I think she is right that i need to do this but im scared shitless. I'm afraid he will just walk away from me or not respond or something. But then again, either things work out or I realize hes a jerk and get over this. AHHHHH i dont want to do this...
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