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Angry, and quite cruel letter...

**** Disclaimer ***
If you know me, you probably know the two people I'm addressing. It may be a little overboard and cruel so I hope you don't think I'm an awful person.

Dear an unnamed few,
I just want to let you know that you really suck at life. You really, truly have no morals, no ambition and only think of yourself. I'm quite embarrassed that I ever associated myself with you let alone... dated, yes, dated you. (several times too which is even worse.) I think that is why I need to address this new, or not so new disapproval of you. I obviously showed very low self-esteem, and control by re-entering such a painful cycle. I was destined to be hurt. This brings up another point of embarrassment; that I ever let people like you hurt me. You made me feel like I wasn't worth your time and your feelings; but now I look at who is worth those things to you- younger girls that are EASY. This brings up yet another point, WHY DID I HOOK UP WITH YOU?! As horrible as this seems You were probably a rebound. There, I said it. I from this day vow never to give you another chance- you've had plenty. I have too much hope in people like you, and forgive and forgive you again for standing me up, using me, and being down right rude to me. I know I will leave you behind once I graduate, but unfortunately there are people like you everywhere. Let this be a note to myself for the future. I hope that you grow up, but don't expect me to wait for that day if it ever happens.
A girl who is very tired of boys and wants a man
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