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Okay, so I'm spoiled. It's because I have construction paper and a hill in my back yard

Put an X if you have:

[x] A cell phone
[x] a hair straightener
[x] your own computer
[x] your own car
[x] good grades
[ ] chanel sunglasses
[ ] burberry purse(a knock off)
[ ] A boyfriend/girlfriend -
[x] a curling iron
[ ] every fall out boy cd
[x] something from american eagle
[x] something from abercrombie
[X] something from hot topic
[x] a pet
[x] some type of trophy/award
[ ] Queen size bed
[x] an ipod
[x] more than $50 in my purse/wallet
[x] a radio/cd player
[ ]Monster,Full Throttle,Amp,Etc. In Your Fridge
[ ] xanga
[x] myspace
[x] make-up
[x] a desk in your room
[x] a hill in your backyard
[ ] DDR
[ ] a pair of skis or snowboard
[x] alarm clock
[ ] a pair of ice skates(expensive ones)
[x] rollerblades
[x] treadmill
[ ] your own phone line (not including cell phone)
[x] AIM
[x] Yahoo!
[ ]MSN
[ ] ICQ
[x] perfume/cologne
[x] lotion
[x]necklaces & bracelets & earrings
[x] a journal/diary
[x] toothbrush
[ ] peaches in your fridge
[ ]x's in your screename
[x ] a birthday in february
[ ] a famous relative
[x] a relative that lives in a different state
[ ] a disowned relative
[ ] an electric scooter
[x ] your own bathroom
[ ] your own band
[ ] gamecube
[x ] a guitar
[x ] a hammock
[x] a basketball hoop
[ ] a soccer net
[x] a bike
[ ] a mini van
[ ] a relative that lives in Florida
[ ] a V.C Andrews book
[x] a friend who does alcohol/drugs/smokes
[ ]bad grades
[x] a locker at school
[ ] a baby
[ ] a pet chimpanzee
[x ] sparkly blue nail polish
[ ] a "vote for pedro" tshirt/hoody
[x]watched the movie "the 40 year old virgin"
[x ]a pool table
[ ]swimming pool
[ ]Trampoline
[x ] livejournal
[x] flip flops
[ ] NFL madden
[x] the sims
[x ]a ping pong table
[ ] air hockey table
[x] a basement
[x ] converse
[x] construction paper
[x] markers, crayons, etc.
[x]coloring books
[ ] a nice singing voice
[x ] XBOX
[x ] PS2
[ ] rose red movie
[x] wife beaters
[x] a mom or a dad
[ ] an older brother(s)
[x ] a younger brother(s)
[ ] an older sister(s)
[ ] a younger sister(s)
[x] a sled
[x]a lake/pond/river near my house
[x] friends

(58) if i can count

if you have over 49, you are spoiled
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